modelland 4

"thank you allasia and quetzal, rochelle and kate, bianca and margherita and bibbo and pietro and..."



coach, the fictional character in modelland, was aware that coach, the non-fictional person on earth, in the summer of earth 2015, was not as clear about this shit as he was.

in plain english: coach the character in modelland fiction had as clear a grasp on the sitch as took. it was about shamanism. coach the person in non-modelland earth, however: (1) was (for the time being) too engaged in the plethora of things in his life to have the time that's required to process the sitch, and (2) he (non-fictional coach) was ***perhaps*** more intrigued by the president thing than the shamanism.

what people outside of modelland need to understand --and this may be REAL difficult to grasp-- what people on non-fiction earth need to understand, is that both took and fictional-character coach knew how wrong "real earth" was, but "real earth" people had NO clue. how much re-programming "real earth" people needed to do about what they thought was right and wrong in society and in life.

that's why, much as the material is like, DUH, for advanced modelland folks, for "real-earth" folks, the video in which took addressed what it would mean for coach to announce to the world (san diego comic con special event?) that he (coach) was seriously considering being president of the United States -- that video was important.

took, and fictional coach, were more interested in the NIKE partnership. [kard/idea is a DRAFT]

and even MORE interested in "their thing X."

but they, modelland fictional coach and took, knew that "their thing X" would grow over time.

galactus, of course, was privy to some of this, mostly thanks to his "talks" with coach in the desert, by the monolith, etc.
and for that matter, the new, merged team of survivor participants for modelland, was starting to form and morph, morph and form. no eliminations. this team was going to stick together. kinda like the cabinet of a president --to use, alas, a "real-earth" analogy a pro po-- or an infinite dynamics game team --to use a transitional modelland analogy. but better. more. the solid team of previous participants from survivor, the modelland survivor team, was solid indeed. as in this is good.

rrrreeeeeeaaaaallllll good.

(not as good as coach and took's "thing X," though. of course.)
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