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"by Natasha Vita-More, author of Blade Runner, with Actroid 2Wuz"


as some remembered, back when olly and vanessa had met took around 2013-2014,, and they were not exactly writing to him, took had spent his 49 years of life on earth without a single woman that publicly demonstrated that she loved his art, business, or other projects. b /for that matter, his fiances had always abused him, ignored his work and/or profoundly put it down.) in jan 2014, though everyone still ignored his work entirely, he had realized that olly was at least going to stand by him as a human being, and possibly vanessa too. though online the world still treated him as a pariah and an untouchable, and personally everyone that treated him like an attraction at the bars but would not be caught dead including him in their daily life, the fact that olly, and possibly vanessa, had stood by him at a predicament when normal people would not, assured took that olly in particular met his criteria as the kind of person he hoped would make up a good society. that had made him take some steps toward removing the weirdo-creep pariah filters some, in the newer things he did online. however, he still had wanted to make sure anything he'd produce that might be palatable to the public would NOT be shared with the public yet, not until he'd find someone who loved his art while his art was shunned by everyone.


"ancora qui"

by vincent van gogh, author of "The Sufferings of Young Werther Got Nothin on Me"

with questin tarantino, elisa by ennio morricone, and the unnown side of JD LaRue

in 2014, this was somethng that took wrote:

"a page dedicated to the NON-RICH / NON-PUBLICLY-KNOWN women who click[/ed] on that email button, and were[/are] able to let me know, verbally, explicitly, demonstrably, that they love my art, my business, my projects, when my art, my business, my projects were ignored by people. (if you're rich and/or publicly known, please don't contact me yet. thank you. much obliged." UPDATE CMID201407 HACKERS FAIL http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/what-song-are-you-listening-to-right-now-or-last-listened-to/question-4409307/ RICH BTCHZ KAN CONTAKT ME 2 thank you all T http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/what-song-are-you-listening-to-right-now-or-last-listened-to/question-4409307/ T bring daniela? T

e' quel ke tornera'
e kwel ke e' stato e' stato
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Ancora qui, ancora tu - here again, again, you

ora pero io so chi sei - now, however, i know who you are

chi sempre sarai - who you will ALWAYS be

e quando mi vedrai - and, when you'll see me

ricorderai - you'll remember.

Ancora qui, ancora tu - again here, again, you

e spero mi perdonerai - and i hope you will forgive me

tu con gli stessi occhi - you, with those same eyes

sembri ritornare a chiedermi di me - you seem to come back to ask about me

di come si sta - to ask about "how life is"

e qui dall'altra parte - and here, over on the other side of the side,

come va - "how it's going."

L'erba verde, l'aria calda - the green grass, the warm air,

sui miei piedi e sopra i fiori - on my feet, on the flowers...

si alza un vento tra i colori - it creates a breeze among the colors

sembri quasi tu - you almost look like you

Anche il cielo cambia nome - even the heavens change their name

cos bianco quel cotone - that cotton, so white,

che veloce che si muove - dancing fast

perso in mezzo al blu. - lost in the blue.

E' un qualcosa in te - it's something in you

e' quel che tornerà - it's that which will come back

come era già - as it already was.

Ancora qui, ancora tu - still here, still you

e' quel che e' stato - it's what it's been

stato ormai - been, been

e con gli stessi occhi - and with those same eyes

sembri ritornare a chiedermi di me - it almost looks like you're coming back to ax about me

di come si sta - to ax about whatup

e in questo strano mondo - same shit, what a fuckn trip. alice down this hole, just look aroun'

come va - like, yo, whaup. so, how's it going

Ritornerai e ritornerò - you will come back and i wil come back

e ricorderai, ricorderò - and you'll remember, i'll remember

ritornerai, ritornerò

ricorderai, ricoderò

ricorderai, ricorderai

ricorderai, ricorderò

ricorderai, ti ricordero' - you'll remember, i'll remember you / remind you of

ricorderai, ricorderò

ricorderai, ricorderò.

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