modelland 4

"as if by Toni Morrison Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, i think..."


in a parallel alternate earth, on the other side of ours, the city of san diego, mayor's office, was vehement. perhaps "vehement" was an exxagerration. it was ... solemn? chapter 8 apparently was a portal to modelland 5, though no one was sure what time/dimension it was in. or if.

the executive secretary was looking at the document, was looking at the mayor.

"dear mr thorntorn:

in regard to your obscene proposal, it is the duty AND privilege of this office, representing its constituents throughout the entirety of temecula county, and, as cicero would say, "we dare say" represnting even those citizens of southern california who voted for the opposition, we do whereas d-e-c-L-a-r-e, with this missive, to YOU and the horse you rode in on, that we will NEVER embrace, or even consider, associating ourselves with ANYONE who supports pictionary in black and white.

our community is a goddess-fearing community, and we stand by the sacred scriptures. you will die in hell for your unpatriotic deviance from the color of pictionary.

it is as laughable as it is unthinkable that someone as unattractive as paul mc cartney, or even ringo starr, would give so much as a thought to your delusional, sinful, unamerican sheer folly. sophia loren might consider it for a moment. she is quite beautiful. but in case your counselor has not yet explained it to you, she would never go near pictionary in black and white.

your references to the audios about trivial pursuit and the kitchen tap water sound are but a lame excuse --a path astray that only the looniest of ben kenobis would tread on their way to jedi hell.

pictionary in black and white is not "good." it is not even simply "bad." it is beyond "evil." it is against goddess. it is sinful. it is unholy. again, it is against america.


sopa mypipa


garnett street

pacific beach

san diego, ca 9210x

PS that black and white picture on page 19 was a-w-e-s-o-m-e

bitch read [pr. "red"] jonathan swift. not the words. "read" by osmosis. too many ...

... before took could finish the sentence, the woman walked into the room. looked at the group sittin around with renato zero, joe cocker, and pink floyd's the wall on youtube "endless river was not in the mood" ... she glanced at them as she walked through, to the other door, and opened it, with a look that says "i see you. im coming back." which may or may not be a good thing. hopefully good. someone needed to start sorting out the plot, coordinate the characters. piper was busy. tyra banks was starting to feel like she might get up. maybe. startin to think that. sorta. hmmmm. she was ... starting to think about it.

so hardboiled. not her. that lyn.

where's my asphalt at night sittin down on the curb, at 3 a.m., on garnett...

took a puff.

watched the late nighters "walk" buy.


EL AY. [los angeles, holywood]



... modelland.

gotta get to modelland.
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images from cards artworks by raffaele de angelis ("dark fairytale tarot") and luis royo ("the black tarot")