some of the references in "modelland 4":

(please don't be offended if you know these already. not everybody knows every reference.)

"Modelland": the title of a novel by Tyra Banks, and a project-in-the-works by myself.

"shaken, not stirred": one of james bond's trademark lines

Lo Scarabeo & US Games Inc: the 2 top world publishers of tarot cards.
(it's worth noting that most historians argue that the first tarot decks from about the 1400's originated as GAMES)

Luis Royo: a comics and tarot cards artist famous for sexy women and fantasy fiction one of many websites that addresses alignments and structure of pyramids as well as modern cities, with stars, secret/mysterious societes, and nature itself.

zelda: one of the most famous characters / game franchises.

level 17 ethan: an established authority in games and RPG analysis/reviews/studies. RPGs (Role Playing Games), and Dungeons & Dragons in particular, had an incommensurable role in the history of gaming in general, as well as the crossovers between games and hollywood and television. one fundamental aspect of RPGs (though i myself don't know that much about them) is that more so than "games" or at least as much as "games" they are a COLLECTIVE, INTERACTIVE, CONTINUING form of NARRATIVE, in which people/players together invent characters and stories.

"flower song and bleedin sun": reference to a for-now not famous RPG. appareently the author used a book that i wrote and drew ("Azteca: The Story of a Jaguar Warrior") for substantial inspiration. (my "lega"l name, btw, is "andrea gaudiano," though i plan to change that officially. that's the name on the cover of the book).apparently the author has been wanting to connect with me but unable to find me (i don't normally use my legal name.) i'd love to contact him in the future, but not yet.

T IBIJI kinkiki: ZOXOR T the trademark of my board games and games-derived projects.T

V8: the most famous type of american powerful car engines

crown vic police package: a V8 car model

roll bar: metal bar across a car's roof to keep racecars from crumbling if they roll

Mick Doohan, Kevin Schwantz, Randy Mamola: some of the most famous motorcycle racers from the 80's-90's. Mike Hailwood (RIP) was one of the moast famous motorcycle and car racers in history, ever.

rene' caovilla: maker of the most expensive women's shoes on the planet

rodeo drive / via condotti / via borgognona: some of the most expensive fashion shopping addresses on earth

gaia: a person's name but also the name given to the "earth" by numerous environmentalists and "new age" communities, often in reference (and reverence) to her spirit and to the earth being alive.

paintball: an in-person "war game" where players use "weapons" that fire balls of paint.

rosarita: a mexican beach town south of san diego, very frequented by southern californians.

nogales: a town name sometimes associated with the matters of the US/mexico border and its complex issues.

buster: in kinkiki games: a player who threatens to bust the game if s/he does not get enough out of the game.

todd macfarlane: a HUGE author in comics, games, action figures, publishing, toys, cards, etc

roleplay: in addition to RPGs (see above), a fundamental aspect of BDSM (erotic Bondage/Discipline/Submission), in which the participants engage in "roles" that range from archetypes to thematic fantasy and psychology.

torus: a "shape" that is self-referring, simple, yet infinitely complex, that many mystics associate with all existence, the universe, and consciousness.

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